Acts of Violence, Mars, and Saturn

Chakrapani Ullal - Thursday, June 16, 2016

Clients have been asking about the recent shooting in Florida and the potential for continuing violence. My response is that unfortunately, this is another expression of the current Mars/Saturn planetary set-up that I have been referring to in recent blogs. I wish I could say it is over and done but that is not the case. This is a general period of heightened caution for everyone. Retrograde, conjunct Mars/Saturn brings challenges of this type, including acts of violence and revolution, accidents, and the potential for natural disasters.
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Politics, Mars, and Saturn

Chakrapani Ullal - Friday, June 03, 2016


As discussed in my previous blogs, these days we are paying close attention to the movement of Mars and Saturn which are creating unavoidable challenges, affecting any and everyone to varying degrees depending on their own planetary set-up.


To better understand the nature of this Saturn and Mars you only need look to the state of American politics today. Saturn, the planet of democratic process, and Mars, the planet of revolution and conflict have created an environment of nearly unprecedented upheaval. The presidential contest has been turned on its ear, replacing an established process with an “anything goes” kind of surreal unreality. This is the power of retrograde, conjunct Mars and Saturn.


Until the fall, Mars and Saturn continue to play a key role as far as creating problematic situations, not just in America but across the globe. With retrograde Mars becoming direct June 30, there will be some slight let-up to the negative influence (for a few weeks at the beginning of July). If you recall, retrogration, (a planet moving backwards) always brings the negative aspect of the planet to the fore – with Mars that can be fairly intense.


Presently, retrograde Mars (since April) is in Scorpio until June 17, thereafter continuing in a backwards movement into Libra until June 30, then becoming direct and remaining in Libra until July 13 – another 6 weeks. July 13 Mars re-joins Saturn in Scorpio, (after a 2 week separation). In tandem, their negative influence intensifies, and they continue conjunct (together) for 2 months until mid-September. September 17 Mars moves into Sagittarius at which point this challenging period is more-or-less over. At that point Saturn will have been direct since August 14. The basic thrust of this planetary period has to do with disorganization, restructuring and reformation. It’s not a comfortable process.


As of mid-September, what remains of the Mars/Saturn situation is Saturn in Scorpio, which is there until November 2017, (a little over a year). Saturn, always the great teacher – can bring difficulties, but it is actually positive for many people depending on their native Saturn.

These are the most important influences you should be aware of in this upcoming period. It remains a generally cautionary time, especially during the last 2 weeks of August.

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Current Jupiter Transit Restricts the Flow of Money, and then Restores It

Chakrapani Ullal - Monday, May 16, 2016

Jupiter is currently favorably placed in Leo as of July 14, 2015 and will be there until Aug 12, 2016, but because of retrogration, Rahu conjunction, and association with Venus, it gives mixed results as follows: Retrogration brought restriction of financial growth until May 9, 2016; presently with Jupiter going direct, slowly it will reinstate a healthy money flow. At this juncture, with the constriction lifted, a gradual improvement with regards to conditions for business will now take place. The best period will be July 16 to August 12 – about a month from mid-July to mid-Augustread more

Mars Saturn Transits 2016

Chakrapani Ullal - Monday, May 09, 2016

In answer to recent questions I have told many of you that these days are very much colored by major malefics, Saturn and Mars retrogration and conjunction. It bears repeating as the influence is there until mid-September and it is significant, wreaking havoc on a global level and within the sphere of our personal affairs as well. Saturn and Mars in this set-up attracts conflicts, war-like aggression, disputes amongst countries, fire, accidents, floods or even earthquakes; the influence lasting until mid-September. read more

Rahu Transit Brings Unrest

Chakrapani Ullal - Monday, July 27, 2015

Regarding racial/religious/philosophical conflicts, we are seeing a proliferation of tensions in these areas due to the Rahu transit which started in July, 2014. It is going to be there until January 2016. Rahu is connected with racial/religious discrimination and brings fear and conflicts to the fore; this will be the state of affairs for some time to come.  read more

Jupiter will be Transiting Leo

Chakrapani Ullal - Thursday, July 09, 2015

Good news: Jupiter will be transiting Leo for one year beginning July 14, of which we are already beginning to feel the effects. Leo is a very dynamic sign, and the Jupiter transit suggests new possibilities with regards to financial matters. read more

Mars Transit Leo

Chakrapani Ullal - Friday, November 11, 2011

On October 31, Mars entered Leo.  Ordinarily, a Mars transit in any particular sign would last about 45 days.  However, in this instance Mars will be in Leo until June 20, approximately seven months.

Because Leo is a fiery sign, and Mars itself is a fiery planet, this is a potentially explosive situation - literally.  Inevitably, during this period there will be a greater incidence of fire, explosions, earthquake, accidents; as well as the potential for violence, regarding revolts or protests of one kind or another.

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Current Venus Transit in Libra

Chakrapani Ullal - Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Today Venus has entered Libra, opposite Jupiter in Aries. Venus in Libra expresses its optimum strength since it is in its own house.  Venetian qualities of amiability, friendliness, likability, pleasantness and cheerfulness will be more visible, (to what extent depends on other planetary influences). When planets are in mutual aspect with one another, as in this set-up, they are essentially sharing and exchanging energies.  Jupiter and Venus are the key planets for peace, harmony, friendships and goodwill.  These qualities will come more to the fore during the upcoming period, especially when Venus moves into the constellation of Sawati, which will happen within the next 4 – 5 days.  Venus in Sawati will bring enhanced social values as in friendly connections between people, opportunities for reconciliation, cultivation of new friendships or the improvement of existing friendships. read more

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