British Referendum, Mars and Saturn

Chakrapani Ullal - Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We are not the only ones contending with the eerie, disorienting environment created by the current Mars/Saturn set-up;  it is a global phenomena .  In Great Britain, for example, they are grappling with the polarizing issue of whether to leave the European Union which goes to vote Thursday. It is no small affair as England's association with the continent has enormous and far flung implications to all parties, and yet even at this late date, the outcome appears too close to call.  Both sides of the  referendum argue passionately for their cause; those voting 'leave', or 'Brexit'  believe that the interests of the common people will be represented by asserting their independence from Europe . Much of the underlying sentiment is driven by reformists claiming they want to return the  power of governing to the people, reclaiming their right to establish policies in the independent interest of Britain rather than being mired in the complex and often conflicting concerns of the EU.  Those advocating to stay in the EU believe that nothing less than the future viability of Britain's economy is at stake.   They also believe that a strong and united coalition with Europe serves Britain's interests with regards to combating terrorism and cooperatively dealing with important mutual concerns like mass migrations. They believe that agenda put before the EU coalition affects Britain dramatically, and that leaving the EU will render them powerless to influence EU policy decisions of critical national importance. They speak of potential gloom and doom outcomes of epic proportions were Brexit to be implemented.  read more

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