Some Belated Thoughts on the New Prince of England

Chakrapani Ullal - Sunday, August 25, 2013

Prince George Alexander Louis was born on July 22, 2013 at 4:24 PM in London, UK with Scorpio rising 3’7, with Ruler Mars in the 8th house, Gemini 12’4 in conjunction with Jupiter 11’56 and Mercury 19’28. Moon is in the 3rd house 4’14. Ketu in Aries 18’48, Sun in 5’55 Cancer + Venus in Leo with 6’5. 12th house Libra is occupied by the Saturn 10’56 and Rahu 18’48.

Prince George’s chart is impressive with the powerful Raja Yoga, as the Moon, the ruler of the 9th House, and the Sun, the ruler of the 10th house, are in a friendly aspect with each other.  Within his limits, he will excel in full authority as a King and work for the benefit of the people.

Even though the Mars and the Jupiter are in the 8th house having planetary war and associated with Mercury, they are very powerful planets and are bound to bring him benefits. These planets are capable of making him brilliant, compassionate, and interested in public service.

However, I am not sure whether he will have the opportunity to enjoy the happiness of his parents for long, as they may go through some health issues in the not so near future. 

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