Republican Convention

Chakrapani Ullal - Thursday, July 14, 2016

Clients are asking me about the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions which fall within the problematical Mars/Saturn period that we are in until September. As you might expect, the conventions will be a continuation of the overall tone and tenor of recent months.

For many, the Mars/Saturn days are best illustrated by the unique 2016 American presidential race and surrounding atmosphere. It has inspired descriptions like "bizarre", "disorienting", and has contributed to many people feeling like the world has gone mad. Conjunct and retrograde Mars and Saturn are incredibly powerful and continue to hold sway across the globe even as retrogration passes.

Next week's' Republican convention in Cleveland, and the Democratic convention that follows in Philadelphia have some people concerned given the "anything goes" style of functioning that has typified the election proceedings. Looking to the upcoming planetary movements, the influence of Mars and Saturn in this set-up will be intensely negative suggesting conflicts and differences within the party and different interest groups. The relationship between Mars and Saturn is such that Mars represents aggressive action, conflict, struggle and termination (of status-quo), whereas Saturn will be representing stability and continuation; it is a tug-of-war. In this contest, it appears the party element advocating Trump will likely be victorious.

No one can rule out the possibility of incident given the nature of Mars and Saturn which carry an element of unpredictability in their nature. These are challenging days any way you cut it, but the first 2 weeks of August are the more difficult period as opposed to the last 2 weeks of July.

It remains to be seen how the proposed platform drafted by the conservative faction of the party is adopted at the convention, how the party will receive Trump's choice of running mate, and if the divisive spirit that has plagued the Republicans can be healed. It's a rather tall order for a fractured party attempting to cope with the Mars/Saturn challenges.

I will speak to the Democratic convention next week.

For more information regarding the current Mars/Saturn period please see recent posts.

PAMELA REEVE commented on 14-Jul-2016 11:22 AM
Could you possibly keep forwarding me Chakrapani's blogs because I am no longer on Facebook.
Thank you.
scott jones commented on 14-Jul-2016 12:53 PM
"In this contest, it appears the party element advocating Trump will likely be victorious."

I think what you're saying is that within the Republican party the element backing Trump will be victorious over those within the party who want to dump Trump. But a less careful reader may infer that you are saying that Trump will be victorious in the contest of the general election. The "contest" referred to is the Republican convention. Yes? Thank you for this blog.
Anonymous commented on 14-Jul-2016 08:34 PM
Really interesting commentary once again from our great teacher Chakrapani.
I would be very interested, as I am sure others are, to hear his viewpoint of the two likely nominees for president. There's not a lot of public analysis currently available from a Vedic perspective about the strength and weaknesses of Trump's and Clinton's horoscopes in regards to this election.
Sunny commented on 14-Jul-2016 09:20 PM
Like it or hate it. Astrology never lies. Earlier we talked how these violent stories are going to continue until dec 21st. Life does not run as per our wishes. It runs as per astrology. Simple, but profound truth. The sooner one understands, the better.
Susanlinn commented on 15-Jul-2016 07:57 AM
Thank you CHAKRAPANI! Love u Susanlinn
Sunny commented on 20-Jul-2016 06:24 AM
It was all EXPECTED, by astrology, Trump would become the nominee. There isn't much need to be diplomatic or ambiguous. Astrologically again, highly in favor of Trump, meaning a certainty he is going to be the POTUS. The only problem is, the astro energies are Extremely dysfunctional on nov 8th and also in Trump's horoscope, which means as expected again, it will be turbulent when he becomes the POTUS.

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