Will China overtake the US financial system?

Chakrapani Ullal - Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I recently received an email from a reader who asked whether the USA’s financial systems will be overtaken by the Chinese and, if it happens, whether the economic power of the United States would suffer greatly.

In my 2011 Vedic New Year Reading for the United States, I stated the following:

Looking at the American horoscope, we can see tremendous energy, which continually propels the country to move forward. Thus, it will continue—in education, technology, and innovations of all kinds—pushing the country forward, regardless of the odds. America has problems, to be sure, and it cannot afford to be complacent in dealing with them. But needed changes will come, sometimes from those who are most critical of American policy. Doesn’t matter. America has the innate ability to self-correct; with struggle comes progress—this is the process for America.

For these reasons, I say America will not be over-taken by any country, including China, anytime in the foreseeable future. This is the strength of the natal chart of America.

By the way, I have always reassured my clients who are having bouts of anxiety, afraid that the whole country is about to implode. Whether the fear is regarding the economy, politics, real estate, Y2K, meteors, extra-moons, the shift of the earth’s axis, the 13th sign, the end of the Mayan calendar, or any other wave of hysteria that may have swept the country, my response has always been the same…

There is nothing new under the Sun, nor instance of “oops, we forgot this or that!” The supreme intelligence that permeates the universe reaches beyond space and time. This is how the ancients could codify the laws that form the basis of astrology. All life is inexorably connected in a majestic web that extends beyond the reach of human imagination. Life is a continuing process; it goes on. It will continue to go on…

In spite of its many problems and ills, America is stable. America has the necessary resources in terms of its over-all strength, its problem-solving ability, and creativity, to find the solutions to its problems.

I hope my readers will understand that the American economy will not suffer in the foreseeable future, and no global power can overtake the United States easily.

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