Germany, Mars and Saturn

Chakrapani Ullal - Thursday, August 11, 2016

    The good news about August is that it is the last month of the troublesome Mars/Saturn influence that has turned the world on its ear since February. The conjunction is not over yet but after three more weeks, life will begin to resume a more recognizable, coherent order.


    There will be vestiges of this extended period of upheaval, chaos and revolution, but the modus operandi becomes again more reasoned and predictable. In the meantime, all across the globe there continues an aggressively contentious, peculiar, disorienting ambiance surrounding our relationships, business, politics, and events in the natural world. It's not over yet. Mars/Saturn is about upending the status quo and redefining boundaries – we are seeing its expression around the world.


    In Germany, for example, the country is struggling to come to terms with recent terrorist attacks that have brought into question the immigration policies championed by their Chancellor. Over a million asylum seekers passed into Germany last year, a few of whom have subsequently been tied to the violent terrorist attacks resulting in 13 deaths and many more injuries. German Chancellor Angela Merkel's policies are seen by many as threatening Germany's fundamental security, over-taxing the social support systems as well as related services in other EU countries. Eurosceptics and populist movements challenge Merkel's agenda regarding migration and other EU policies in favor of individual countries that can pursue their own social, political and economic agendas. This appears to be a continuation of the isolationist undercurrent that led the people of the United Kingdom to vote for Brexit, a decision discussed in my previous posts.


    Merkel is a cautious, methodical, and intellectual head of state – the undisputed premier leader of the European Union, and the most powerful woman in Europe. Despite her position of respect and longstanding favor with the German people, there are currently demonstrations all across the country protesting her policies, and some even call for her resignation. I believe Merkel can weather the storm, but Saturn is in its most challenging position August 11th through the 25th, becoming direct on the 14th which further intensifies the ongoing Mars/Saturn conjunction. So the most intense period is yet to come. It can manifest in agitation, conflicts and disagreements, and any kind of attack, (in European countries or Britain – we cannot rule out this possibility).


    These are challenging days – we feel it here in America in the strange, prolonged, presidential contest (amongst other things) and pray that it doesn't get any worse. Besides the incidences of violence, the Mars/Saturn influence has brought astonishing, bewildering behaviors to the fore of our political stage, and has polarized the population as they attempt to make sense of it all. Beware that we not be so absorbed in our own woes that we don't notice that there is struggle of a similar magnitude (or worse) throughout the world.


    Mars/Saturn is an intense energy that has resulted in this period of caution – a time to postpone or avoid conflicts as much as possible, a time to avoid taking risks, and a time to employ cautionary measures that minimize vulnerability to hazardous situations.


    As I have said, this too will pass – we can see light at the end of the tunnel, so we soldier on, giving thanks for our many blessings and trusting that all is for a higher purpose.


    It's not over yet, so be safe, and God bless.

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Democratic Convention

Chakrapani Ullal - Saturday, July 23, 2016

What can we expect as we move on to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week?
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Republican Convention

Chakrapani Ullal - Thursday, July 14, 2016

Clients are asking me about the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions which fall within the problematical Mars/Saturn period that we are in until September. As you might expect, the conventions will be a continuation of the overall tone and tenor of recent months.

For many, the Mars/Saturn days are best illustrated by the unique 2016 American presidential race and surrounding atmosphere. It has inspired descriptions like "bizarre", "disorienting", and has contributed to many people feeling like the world has gone mad. Conjunct and retrograde Mars and Saturn are incredibly powerful and continue to hold sway across the globe even as retrogration passes.

Next week's' Republican convention in Cleveland, and the Democratic convention that follows in Philadelphia have some people concerned given the "anything goes" style of functioning that has typified the election proceedings. Looking to the upcoming planetary movements, the influence of Mars and Saturn in this set-up will be intensely negative suggesting conflicts and differences within the party and different interest groups. The relationship between Mars and Saturn is such that Mars represents aggressive action, conflict, struggle and termination (of status-quo), whereas Saturn will be representing stability and continuation; it is a tug-of-war. In this contest, it appears the party element advocating Trump will likely be victorious.

No one can rule out the possibility of incident given the nature of Mars and Saturn which carry an element of unpredictability in their nature. These are challenging days any way you cut it, but the first 2 weeks of August are the more difficult period as opposed to the last 2 weeks of July.

It remains to be seen how the proposed platform drafted by the conservative faction of the party is adopted at the convention, how the party will receive Trump's choice of running mate, and if the divisive spirit that has plagued the Republicans can be healed. It's a rather tall order for a fractured party attempting to cope with the Mars/Saturn challenges.

I will speak to the Democratic convention next week.

For more information regarding the current Mars/Saturn period please see recent posts.

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Predictions of Violence and Upheaval

Chakrapani Ullal - Friday, July 08, 2016

As you know from my previous posts, we are going through a challenging period with regards to Mars and Saturn which is there until September. It is an influence felt around the world – last night's tragic incident in Dallas resulting in death to 5 police officers, injury to 12 others is yet another expression of the violence and upheaval predicted. We understand that this is the time for these kinds of problems, but nothing really prepares us for the horror when it actually arrives at our door.  read more

Terrorism, Mars, and Saturn

Chakrapani Ullal - Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The June 28 terrorist attack in Turkey becomes yet another expression of the Saturn/Mars phenomenon which is with us until the end of August – 2 more months. As I've said, retrograde conjunct Saturn/Mars is intensely powerful and will be experienced on a global scale.  read more

British Referendum, Mars and Saturn

Chakrapani Ullal - Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We are not the only ones contending with the eerie, disorienting environment created by the current Mars/Saturn set-up;  it is a global phenomena .  In Great Britain, for example, they are grappling with the polarizing issue of whether to leave the European Union which goes to vote Thursday. It is no small affair as England's association with the continent has enormous and far flung implications to all parties, and yet even at this late date, the outcome appears too close to call.  Both sides of the  referendum argue passionately for their cause; those voting 'leave', or 'Brexit'  believe that the interests of the common people will be represented by asserting their independence from Europe . Much of the underlying sentiment is driven by reformists claiming they want to return the  power of governing to the people, reclaiming their right to establish policies in the independent interest of Britain rather than being mired in the complex and often conflicting concerns of the EU.  Those advocating to stay in the EU believe that nothing less than the future viability of Britain's economy is at stake.   They also believe that a strong and united coalition with Europe serves Britain's interests with regards to combating terrorism and cooperatively dealing with important mutual concerns like mass migrations. They believe that agenda put before the EU coalition affects Britain dramatically, and that leaving the EU will render them powerless to influence EU policy decisions of critical national importance. They speak of potential gloom and doom outcomes of epic proportions were Brexit to be implemented.  read more

Acts of Violence, Mars, and Saturn

Chakrapani Ullal - Thursday, June 16, 2016

Clients have been asking about the recent shooting in Florida and the potential for continuing violence. My response is that unfortunately, this is another expression of the current Mars/Saturn planetary set-up that I have been referring to in recent blogs. I wish I could say it is over and done but that is not the case. This is a general period of heightened caution for everyone. Retrograde, conjunct Mars/Saturn brings challenges of this type, including acts of violence and revolution, accidents, and the potential for natural disasters.
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Politics, Mars, and Saturn

Chakrapani Ullal - Friday, June 03, 2016


As discussed in my previous blogs, these days we are paying close attention to the movement of Mars and Saturn which are creating unavoidable challenges, affecting any and everyone to varying degrees depending on their own planetary set-up.


To better understand the nature of this Saturn and Mars you only need look to the state of American politics today. Saturn, the planet of democratic process, and Mars, the planet of revolution and conflict have created an environment of nearly unprecedented upheaval. The presidential contest has been turned on its ear, replacing an established process with an “anything goes” kind of surreal unreality. This is the power of retrograde, conjunct Mars and Saturn.


Until the fall, Mars and Saturn continue to play a key role as far as creating problematic situations, not just in America but across the globe. With retrograde Mars becoming direct June 30, there will be some slight let-up to the negative influence (for a few weeks at the beginning of July). If you recall, retrogration, (a planet moving backwards) always brings the negative aspect of the planet to the fore – with Mars that can be fairly intense.


Presently, retrograde Mars (since April) is in Scorpio until June 17, thereafter continuing in a backwards movement into Libra until June 30, then becoming direct and remaining in Libra until July 13 – another 6 weeks. July 13 Mars re-joins Saturn in Scorpio, (after a 2 week separation). In tandem, their negative influence intensifies, and they continue conjunct (together) for 2 months until mid-September. September 17 Mars moves into Sagittarius at which point this challenging period is more-or-less over. At that point Saturn will have been direct since August 14. The basic thrust of this planetary period has to do with disorganization, restructuring and reformation. It’s not a comfortable process.


As of mid-September, what remains of the Mars/Saturn situation is Saturn in Scorpio, which is there until November 2017, (a little over a year). Saturn, always the great teacher – can bring difficulties, but it is actually positive for many people depending on their native Saturn.

These are the most important influences you should be aware of in this upcoming period. It remains a generally cautionary time, especially during the last 2 weeks of August.

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Current Jupiter Transit Restricts the Flow of Money, and then Restores It

Chakrapani Ullal - Monday, May 16, 2016

Jupiter is currently favorably placed in Leo as of July 14, 2015 and will be there until Aug 12, 2016, but because of retrogration, Rahu conjunction, and association with Venus, it gives mixed results as follows: Retrogration brought restriction of financial growth until May 9, 2016; presently with Jupiter going direct, slowly it will reinstate a healthy money flow. At this juncture, with the constriction lifted, a gradual improvement with regards to conditions for business will now take place. The best period will be July 16 to August 12 – about a month from mid-July to mid-Augustread more

Mars Saturn Transits 2016

Chakrapani Ullal - Monday, May 09, 2016

In answer to recent questions I have told many of you that these days are very much colored by major malefics, Saturn and Mars retrogration and conjunction. It bears repeating as the influence is there until mid-September and it is significant, wreaking havoc on a global level and within the sphere of our personal affairs as well. Saturn and Mars in this set-up attracts conflicts, war-like aggression, disputes amongst countries, fire, accidents, floods or even earthquakes; the influence lasting until mid-September. read more

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