Ongoing Effects of the August 21st Eclipse

Dianne Brown - Tuesday, August 29, 2017

As you know, our concern regarding the August 21 eclipse has been more for what will unfold over the next few months than the time of the eclipse itself. Much the way your body might react to your heart stopping for several minutes, the consequence is not just the immediate phenomena but the long-term impact to your organ systems and your overall body which becomes apparent with time.

We knew to steel ourselves for the possibility of natural disasters. Likewise, to prepare ourselves for incidents of conflict in the global arena and troubles for leaders throughout the world. We knew that the problems with the Trump administration would accelerate, and that on a personal level that this is a time of general struggle, as well as difficulties for people with health issues. This is the time for these kinds of problems.

As with all periods of challenge, the value of foreknowledge is the advantage of taking precautions of one kind or another, or in having a fall-back position or to prepare ourselves for a tough road ahead. We want to do these things in a practical way, not contriving our lives to accommodate our concerns - rather employing some simple measures that will serve as insurance, in case.

In some cases, there is nothing to be done and we just need to cultivate an attitude of "acceptance". Acceptance functions on many levels - at its deepest it removes all fear because we have entered into a state of trust in a higher power that provides for all.

Challenges herald a time of testing one's ability to accept in the most profound sense. It is a lesson that we all require to advance in our growth. It is not an easy lesson and it doesn't come when we're comfortable and enjoying the high life.

An eclipse signals a challenge that we all will face together. It helps to remember that it's not just a meaningless exercise. It's always for the greater good.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven."

It is all a manifestation of Divine Will and there is always a purpose.

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