Current Jupiter Transit Restricts the Flow of Money, and then Restores It

Chakrapani Ullal - Monday, May 16, 2016

Jupiter is currently favorably placed in Leo as of July 14, 2015 and will be there until Aug 12, 2016, but because of retrogration, Rahu conjunction, and association with Venus, it gives mixed results as follows: Retrogration brought restriction of financial growth until May 9, 2016; presently with Jupiter going direct, slowly it will reinstate a healthy money flow. At this juncture, with the constriction lifted, a gradual improvement with regards to conditions for business will now take place. The best period will be July 16 to August 12 – about a month from mid-July to mid-August.

To better understand the Jupiter transit in Leo – Leo is ruled by the Sun – Sun is a friend of Jupiter, therefore Jupiter gains strength when it is in Leo – a very favorable placement for Jupiter. Currently Jupiter has gone direct, moving forward after having been retrograde for 4 months from Jan 8, 2016 until May 9, 2016. Unfortunately, despite going direct, Jupiter is conjunct with malefic Rahu (it's enemy) until it leaves Leo in August which results in Jupiter's absorbing some of Rahu's negativity, restricting the fullness of the Leo transit which is otherwise so favorable. Besides the Rahu aspect Jupiter is also somewhat restricted in this setup because it is operating in the constellation of Venus until July 16, 2016 and Venus (planet of beauty, creativity and comfort) is the enemy of Jupiter. When Jupiter moves from the constellation of Venus to the constellation of the Sun it becomes free from restriction of Venus, enjoying the Sun transit (which is exceptionally good) until August 12 when it moves into Virgo.

As a reminder, Jupiter is the greatest benefic promoting expansion, growth, optimism, wisdom and knowledge. Apart from other positive qualities, Jupiter is a planet connected to money. When it is retrograde, the flow of money is reduced - it creates an imbalance, affecting many people and many kinds of businesses. When Jupiter is direct, with regards to finances, business, employment opportunities, etc. it slowly restores imbalances and the free flow of money.

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