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Chakrapani Ullal - Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vijaya Year


by Chakrapani Ullal

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Vedic New Year, Vijaya Commencing Wednesday, April 10, 2013 5:35 AM, Washington, D.C.

Like the Nandana year that preceded it, this Vedic New Year, Vijaya - April 10, 2013 to March 30th, 2014 - is very much colored by Mars. Lately, you will have found me talking a lot about Mars because Mars (and Saturn as well) has played a significant role in world affairs in recent years. Despite the continued Martian influence, we can see the mood is now calmer and more settled than last year. This year will be better, smoother, and easier than the preceding Nandana year. As the Vedic name Vijaya (meaning “winning”) would suggest, the feeling is upbeat and optimistic. It is not winning as in winning the lottery – rather, it’s something more akin to the relief of overcoming difficult times. Vijaya winning constitutes a kind of survival over adversity; we are at last coming into a period of greater stability. Vijaya will bring us improvements in the economic realm, in employment, in improved mortgage conditions and investments in new industries. We will undertake innovative projects in areas involving oil, natural gas and solar energy, and there will be funding for innovative projects in a range of other fields. There will be economic progress and continued improvements in the general conditions of our country. Education will receive greater attention. There will be an increase in literary and artistic endeavors; it is a particularly good year for writers. Although there will be ups and downs throughout, the thrust is unmistakably forward and upward.

The positive trends are indicated by a number of factors, including the 2nd house setup, the disposition of Jupiter, Saturn’s transit through Libra, and President Obama’s chart. As mentioned in the preceding questions, in order to arrive at a comprehensive picture of the year, we have cast horoscopes for the Vijaya year as well as reviewed and analyzed the current Dasha, Bhukti, and transits of the U.S. Natal chart and that of President Obama. Planetary Positions for Vijaya 2013-2014: Rising sign is Aquarius 28.24 with Gemini Navamsha 2nd house: Sun, Moon, debilitated Mercury, exalted Venus, Mars Sun is 26.37 in the Navamsha Aquarius Moon is 26.37 in the Navamsha Aquarius Mercury is 0.44 in Cancer Navamsha Venus is 29.52 in Vargottama Mars is 28.20 in Pisces, Vargottama Ketu is in the third house in Aries with 24.17 in Scorpio Navamsha Jupiter is in the 4th house in Taurus with 19.25 in Gemini Navamsha Retrograde and exalted Saturn in Libra with 25.29 in Aquarius Navamsha Rahu in Libra in the 9th house with 24.17 in Taurus Navamsha Financial/ Business Affairs The most defining elements of the year involve looking to the 2nd house of the Vijaya chart, the house of finance. Here we find a powerful combination of 5 planets - Sun, Moon, debilitated Mercury, exalted Venus, and Mars. This planetary setup clearly indicates that the country will enjoy financial progress this year. This positive trend is reinforced by President Obama’s chart, because he has recently entered the most progressive Dasha of his life. We will analyze his chart in due course. Even though there will be fluctuations, generally speaking, finances will improve this year. The Sun, ruler of the 7th house, in the 2nd house with Mercury, is generally considered good for financial progress. In addition, since Venus is the ruler of the 4th house and there is an exchange between Venus and Jupiter - that is, Venus is in the house of Jupiter and Jupiter is in the house of Venus – this supports all of the activities connected with property matters and real estate, another important dimension of economic recovery for the country.

In the pantheon of celestial bodies, the most powerful planet, the most favorable, the planet that supports all other planets is the great, benevolent Jupiter, which is placed in the 4th house in Vijaya. Jupiter is powerful here because as 4th from the rising sign, he has the strength to bring a certain amount of stability and growth for the U.S. throughout the course of the year. Because Jupiter is natural ruler of the 2nd and 11th houses (finance and gain), with its placement in the 4th house, it will shine favorably on property matters. The real estate situation in the country has shown some improvement already and will most likely continue to do so in the coming year. Jupiter in the 4th house also results in it strongly aspecting the 10th house. This setup further indicates a positive influence for improvements in the business sectors. In addition, it indicates success in government foreign policy, which is strengthened by the positive association of Mars in the chart. Also important this year is Saturn's transit through Libra, which makes for an exalted Saturn, bringing progress in the realms of health, health care, agriculture, and the development of a certain industrial elements. This will bring a reduction in the prices of iron, steel, and related metals.

Education/ Arts

The exchange between Venus and Jupiter between the 2nd and 4th also supports and strengthens education, learning and study. Venus and Jupiter also indicate support for music, dramatics, and the entertainment areas in general. The arts have been suffering due to economic depression; now they will benefit from greater funding and gain more visibility and importance. Furthermore, Venus and Mercury conjunct Mars supports creative talent in art, literature, dramatics, entertainment, writing, and publications. This setup encourages brilliance in writing, resulting in new works, whether they are books, screenplays, or other literary undertakings. This is a year for writers; there will be authors who will enjoy considerable success and deserved recognition for their work during this period.

Sun conjunct Mercury is good for communication - it brings brilliance and cleverness, along with the Mars-Mercury conjunction which brings technological skill and development. The Moon's position in Pisces along with Mercury and Venus is supportive of research activities and scientific developments; innovations in these fields will make an impact this year. The strength of Jupiter in the angle house, being the ruler of the 2nd and the 11th house, brings prosperity, another indication of the general thrust for improvement this year. I should note that on occasion, this placement can have certain negative consequences in that both Jupiter and Venus, the planets of happiness, together can take pleasure-seeking to excess and promote a certain laxity of spirit. When life becomes too easy, some people (depending on their planetary setup) become too relaxed. A certain amount of struggle keeps you on your toes. The same can be said for Venus conjunct Mercury. This placement is excellent for enhanced communications and the benefits of good communication to all undertakings, especially during the Venus sub-cycle or minor cycle. However, Mars and Venus can bring about a kind of enhanced sensuality, sometimes promoting unguarded passions or reckless behaviors. It can intensify the attraction between the sexes, resulting in less than prudent choices, or even, on occasion, aberrant behaviors for people who may be vulnerable to this influence. Beyond the individuals involved, this can create a problematic situation in the social arena.


Now, we turn our attention to Mars. As you may recall, the United States has been operating under the Mars Dasha since 2008, a seven year cycle continuing until 2015. Mars is also Lord of the Vijaya chart. So from both the Vijaya chart and the current Dasha of the US Natal chart, we see a Martian influence. Happily, this year is not like Nandana - as you may recall, its series of Mars sub-cycles intensified the Martian energy very strongly, which brought about a plethora of natural calamities as well as an environment charged with aggressive, hostile energies. This could be felt both on a global scale and as a palpable influence within one’s personal affairs and relationships. But we have not yet escaped Mars altogether. Although the influence is not nearly as strong as in Nandana, these incidents will continue through Vijaya, including a tendency for natural disasters, conflicts, strife, and struggle. Given that we are still in the Mars seven year Dasha for two more years, and Mars is the ruling planet of Vijaya, we will be dealing with Martian energy, like it or not. It is best to be clear as to the identity of our host and try to harness his considerable benefic qualities and protect ourselves as best we can from the malefic influences. Although Mars is considered a natural malefic, it is also a powerful planet for initiating new undertakings, taking risk, cultivating innovative ideas, and bringing confidence and power to start anew. Mars can energize the warrior within that needs to stand up and confront old, outmoded ideas, as well as aid in the fight for justice. Mars is the “commander-in-chief” of any war effort. Whereas he can bring struggle, conflict, and an aggressive stance, he also plays an essential role in fighting the good fight.

National/ Foreign Affairs

When one reflects on these qualities, it is apparent how Mars figures prominently in the United States’ Natal chart. The U.S.’s Natal Mars is powerfully situated in the 7th house, aspected by 10th house Saturn, a uniquely strong position. Mars and Saturn both form a strong backbone to the USA’s Natal chart and figure significantly in the identity of America. Mars, like Saturn, is a revolutionary, an agent of change; they create war, they create unrest, they create global upheaval. They have an agenda and they will have their way. This is why, as I have said before, during the major cycle of Mars, the U.S. will not be able to escape war or warlike circumstances of some kind. This will be the case until 2015, regardless of any efforts that Obama or the government may make to end war. Currently Mars is the ruling planet for Vijaya, and the US chart is operating in the Mars Dasha, essentially highlighting and bringing to the fore the U.S.A. Natal Mars. One consequence of this heightened Mars influence is that, as a country, we are in a period that attracts conflict and war, within and without. In fact, the United States has long been involved in war, either inside or outside its border because Mars plays such an essential role in the identity of the country. With the current Mars Dasha and with regards to the Vijaya year, the role of Mars is emphasized, resulting in challenges, war, conflicts, problems, and disagreements.

Noteworthy is the fact that the Vijaya rising sign is Aquarius, occupying the constellation of Jupiter, an alignment that brings a certain amount of positive energy for peace and harmony. The Rising Sign ruler is Saturn, and even though it is exalted in the 9th house in Libra, it is retrograde as well as conjunct to malefic Rahu in the 9th house, thus muting its power. This enhances Rahu's influence for promoting political turmoil and secret enemies inside the country. It also creates frustration and challenge in dealing with fanatical religious groups as well as creating situations involving political intrigues. Consequently, the nature of the peaceful rising sign Aquarius is not sufficient to overcome the natal position of the current year, which creates a fundamental attraction to war-like situations, including terrorism. Reflecting further on the 2nd house, the Sun, being the ruler of the 7th house, the house of partners, sometimes brings benefits from partners and friends. In this circumstance, however, the relationship between the Sun and Saturn is not harmonious; therefore, I would say that 2013 will be a difficult year to bring all partners in harmony with one another in international matters. That is, there will be an intense difference of opinions among the alliances within the global community. To be clear, some benefits from partners are indicated, but there will inevitably also be bickering and disagreements, disputes and a jostling for power. However, with Mars, ruler of the 10th, placed in the 2nd, this does indicate that with hard work and perseverance, progress in these relations will come to pass.

Whenever Saturn and Rahu are in transit and affected by Mars or the Sun, there will be situations which attract challenges. Caution is indicated in September and October, which looks to be the most difficult period for the country this year. Saturn and Mars are in aspect during these months. Sun, Rahu, and Saturn together have the potential for creating turmoil in some area of the country. There can be many kinds of challenges during this time. It is a period of vulnerability, with the possibility for incidents that may affect many people. Therefore, during the month of September in particular, it is a time in which the country is susceptible to influences out of our control. In review, Mars continues to reign until October 2015, at which point we will begin the Rahu Dasha;. Until that time, the U.S. will be in a situation of war with one country or another. Only thereafter will things slowly begin to change.

President Obama

As I mentioned in the beginning of my Vijaya analysis, a review of President Obama’s chart as the Chief Executive of the country helps round out our yearly evaluation. Because the most salient themes or features of any given chart tend to be echoed in various ways, each a little differently given the perspective, looking to the leader of a country (or corporation, or any composite entity, FYI) is another way an astrologer looks for an added dimension, shading, or reinforcement to his/her understanding. President Obama’s chart underscores the basic thrust of our analysis that reveals a forward, progressive movement in the country this year. Reviewing his chart briefly, we can see that Obama emerged from obscurity to be elected President given his powerful planets, especially the strength of Saturn in his Natal chart and in his Navamsha. Following on the heels of his election, however, he entered into his Rahu sub-cycle in the major cycle of Jupiter, which was very challenging (and would be challenging for anyone). This brought him many problems; the strength from which he could operate was not apparent to those observing the young leader during this period. He finally emerged from that difficult time into his Saturn major Dasha - July 2012, a 19 year cycle which commenced what will be the most productive period of his life. President Obama has an impressive chart, no doubt, and at times of relative planetary strength, there is considerable power in his planetary setup. Despite his weak standing in the polls last March, this is how I was able to predict his election success. I knew he was starting his Saturn cycle in July, and I knew the planets for the actual election time, when he was blessed with a major cycle of Saturn, sub-cycle of Saturn, and minor cycle of Saturn, triple Saturn – very strong. As of July, he was on his way up, and the planetary influences on November 6, 2012, made him nearly unbeatable.

At this point, Obama is continuing to build momentum within his Saturn cycle. Fortunately for us, he has Vargottama Saturn (very powerful) operating in the Rising Sign, which, given his role in the government, also indicates progress for the country. Starting July 25, 2012, the Saturn sub-cycle will operate for three years and three days, until July 28, 2015. This Saturn has the tendency to slowly (remember Saturn is always slow) but surely bring stability and security, which means the U.S. will gradually be improving until then. When his Mercury sub-cycle operates after July 28, 2015, this will be a more favorable period still. 2015 onwards is an excellent period for Obama. He will continue to progress and accordingly confer progress on the country. On a cautionary note, Obama has Mars situated in the 8th house along with Rahu, which indicates he needs to take extra precautions regarding his safety. I have made this observation before because it remains an issue of which to be mindful. Obama’s Saturn is retrograde but Vargottama, hence powerful. It has the company of Jupiter, which is not only retrograde, but also debilitated, but since this debilitation is cancelled, Jupiter remains very powerful. Saturn is also in aspect to Mercury, which is the ruler of the 9th house, the house of good luck and good fortune. These planetary positions brought Barack Obama into his 2nd term as the U.S. President. But we mustn’t forget that he has a Saturn-Sun opposition as well, which means that although Saturn is his most powerful ally, at the same time, Obama cannot escape the restrictive hand of the Sun on his Saturn, thereby creating obstacles, especially in the realm of politics. The nature of this Saturn-Sun is essentially humbling; the Sun is always there, challenging the influence of Saturn, which results in ongoing disagreements, difficulties, and opposition to his administration. This is the environment in which he has to find a way to operate, and it will continue throughout his term. It will be one of the major challenges of his presidency. As far as the year's progress, Saturn-Saturn-Mercury is operating from January 15, 2013 to June 19, 2013. Because of this Mercury, the President has been traveling in and outside the country and talking and lecturing about his policy matters. It is a fitting time to be involved in communicating with the people and others on his team. Going forward, President Obama is passing through Saturn-Saturn-Ketu until August 22, 2013. This indicates challenges, during which time President Obama will have an opportunity to evaluate who is a friend and who is not, because Saturn-Saturn-Ketu indicates a trying time. It is a time to be careful about trusting other countries and other people. ---

After August 22, the President will be in the Saturn-Saturn-Venus period. Venus is well-placed in the 6th house from his rising sign and the 2nd house from the Moon sign. Venus being the Yoga Karaka planet, the positive planet, it is a time for bringing peace and harmony among his associations for achieving the maximum result. Venus is operating August 22nd to February 21, 2014. It is a very good period for him. Thereafter, the Sun minor cycle is operating February 21 to April 17, 2014. Of course, the Sun is not a favorable planet, when, being the ruler of the 8th house, it is in the 2nd house; therefore, one can anticipate some challenges for Obama during this period.

Last year initiated the beginning of his 19 year Saturn Dasha, the most fruitful period of his life. Although it is just now gathering momentum, it is forward moving. Thus, what we find in looking at Obama’s chart is that the positive direction indicated therein lends support to the progressive nature of the Vijaya year.

Vijaya Overall, for a people who have survived Nandana and Khara before it, Vijaya is a year that brings greater growth and stability. It is not a time without challenge; we still have some problematical periods, especially with regards to Mars, but it is a time that offers a more grounded feeling and the reassuring sense that we are moving forward. As always, these predictions come with my warmest wishes for your success and happiness. Chakrapani

May 2013

ROSALIE HEACOCK commented on 10-Oct-2013 01:43 PM
Thank you very much for this useful analysis. Best wishes, Rosalie Heacock Thompson
Lucia Hoff commented on 10-Oct-2013 01:43 PM
Dear Mr. Chakrapani,
As always, thank you very much. Although I'm Canadian, our destiny is very connected with the US.
lucia hoff
ratna ( rita) bhatia commented on 10-Oct-2013 01:43 PM
having been lucky to have met Chakrapani more than 30 years ago & watching his thoughtful & insightful method of helping me with his deep knowledge of Vedic astrology, I want to thank him for this clear & very helpful article. Chakrapani has explained the meaning of Vedic astrology & the way it should be used for guidance-- this is one of the best I've come across- & I read several blogs & articles by well-known astrologers, His devotion to his Vedic knowledge & his sharing his intuitive-laced predictions have helped me a great deal. Best Wishes

Thank you Chakrapani & Pranam,

rita bhatia
Chakrapani Ullal commented on 10-Oct-2013 01:43 PM
No, we just use Wordpress.
Andrew commented on 10-Oct-2013 01:43 PM
It's amazing to read, on the cusp of October and the end of September, your prediction regarding Mar's force during this period. How accurate! Thanks for your help,
Mukesh Gaur commented on 10-Oct-2013 01:43 PM
Your Vedic astrology predictions is great..it is real.. as you say all that things become true..Thanks for giving such important news with sharing us..
Anonymous commented on 15-Apr-2014 12:13 AM
Hi! When will we see the predictions for 2014-2015. Always helpful. I'm curious about the national elections this fall, and whether the President and country will face even greater obstacles from Congress (in the form of a Republican Senate?). Thanks!
J Singh commented on 25-May-2014 01:35 PM
Excellent work, Chakrapani Ji.

Do you ever visit Seattle, WA or Vancouver, BC?

It would be wonderful to meet with you in person and experience your learned teachings.
MarkAiya commented on 21-Mar-2015 03:38 PM
Wondered when you will post your 2015 predictions. It is already mid March of 2015 and I am keen to see the planetary alignments and influences that especially govern the US economy this year. A prediction by quarter would be really helpful. Many thanks Chakrapani.

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