Remembering Chakrapani

Dianne Brown - Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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Ongoing Effects of the August 21st Eclipse

Dianne Brown - Tuesday, August 29, 2017

As you know, our concern regarding the August 21 eclipse has been more for what will unfold over the next few months than the time of the eclipse itself. Much the way your body might react to your heart stopping for several minutes, the consequence is not just the immediate phenomena but the long-term impact to your organ systems and your overall body which becomes apparent with time.

We knew to steel ourselves for the possibility of natural disasters. Likewise, to prepare ourselves for incidents of conflict in the global arena and troubles for leaders throughout the world. We knew that the problems with the Trump administration would accelerate, and that on a personal level that this is a time of general struggle, as well as difficulties for people with health issues. This is the time for these kinds of problems.

As with all periods of challenge, the value of foreknowledge is the advantage of taking precautions of one kind or another, or in having a fall-back position or to prepare ourselves for a tough road ahead. We want to do these things in a practical way, not contriving our lives to accommodate our concerns - rather employing some simple measures that will serve as insurance, in case.

In some cases, there is nothing to be done and we just need to cultivate an attitude of "acceptance". Acceptance functions on many levels - at its deepest it removes all fear because we have entered into a state of trust in a higher power that provides for all.

Challenges herald a time of testing one's ability to accept in the most profound sense. It is a lesson that we all require to advance in our growth. It is not an easy lesson and it doesn't come when we're comfortable and enjoying the high life.

An eclipse signals a challenge that we all will face together. It helps to remember that it's not just a meaningless exercise. It's always for the greater good.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven."

It is all a manifestation of Divine Will and there is always a purpose.

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Guidelines for Eclipse Day, August 21st

Dianne Brown - Sunday, August 20, 2017

Some simple guidelines for ECLIPSE DAY, tomorrow, August 21:

In folklore from around the world there is often a reference to avoiding FOOD, throwing out food prepared before or on eclipse day, etc. Presumably this reflects customs that evolved out of a concern for the elevated carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere during an eclipse. Generally you can say it is preferable to keep food intake minimal so that the digestive system is not too much engaged during this toxic period. It would be ideal to avoid a heavy meal tonight and to eat lighter on Monday. For those who are so inclined, they can choose to fast; drinking a lot of liquids is always a good idea.

The eclipse has a direct effect on our overall HEALTH, strength, and vitality. Anyone who has a health challenge should be especially cautious tomorrow and the days to follow. Everyone should consider taking it easy; do not unnecessarily tax yourself physically, but also mentally or emotionally.

Avoid starting NEW UNDERTAKINGS as they will not have the environmental support they would otherwise enjoy. However, if you have an unavoidable commitment simply undertake it carefully, looking to adapt to evolving or changing circumstances. Since it is not an ideal time, we basically want to be more alert. Do not worry if there is something you need to do -- just be more careful.

If you want to observe the eclipse, be sure to wear proper EYE PROTECTION (not just regular sunglasses) and observe other safety precautions. I have included a link below from NASA that gives more information regarding viewing the eclipse. If you attend an eclipse event they often offer glasses; it appears that supplies are running low in stores. One way or another you do not want to put your eyes at risk.

If you are in a position to do so, tomorrow is an ideal day to TAKE IT EASY, to reflect, to meditate or chant, or give expression to feelings of respect or devotion to whatever/whomever you believe in. The basic idea is to step back a little from one's daily responsibilities and reflect on your appreciation for the grandeur and mystery of life. How one might do this is a personal matter according to one's values and cultural/religious/philosophical orientation.

Vedic astrology is always about becoming more conscious -- becoming more aware of the element of choice that is present in any given situation. Becoming more aware of the choices is made possible through foreknowledge -- what you do with it is your part in the play. The play carries on regardless. There will be an eclipse -- it will have certain effects, but that is not your focus because nothing can be done to alter the unfolding of the planetary influences -- only your response is at issue.

The workings of the universe are out of view to our human understanding, but we can see that intelligence permeates all of life. The precision with which the heavenly bodies move demonstrates that, and the connection between their movements and human phenomena further underscores the marvelous, incredible nature of the interconnectedness of life. We are all in this together.

Good luck and stay safe.

Links for Eclipse Glasses:…/where-to-find-eclipse-gl…/

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On the Day of Solar Eclipse August 21

Chakrapani Ullal - Saturday, August 19, 2017

You only need check out the action on the political scene to get a sense of the tone and tenor of our current eclipse period. It started with the LUNAR ECLIPSE on August 7, continuing on this Monday, August 21 with the SOLAR ECLIPSE. This upcoming historic eclipse will significantly amp up an already contentious situation within the upper echelons of the American presidency. As I have previously explained, because the SUN presides over the "ruler" of any given place, it is an especially difficult period for Trump and his top people because the eclipse occurs directly over the continental United States. Tensions, problems and discord will heighten. Remember, astrologically speaking, the significance of the eclipse is as much about conditions that continue to unfold for up to 6 months thereafter as it is about the eclipse day itself.

Shortly, I will post some practical considerations regarding how to approach eclipse day.

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Solar Eclipse August 21

Chakrapani Ullal - Sunday, August 13, 2017

The August 21 SOLAR ECLIPSE passes directly over the continental United States, border to border which means the influence is strongest in the states. However, the eclipse influences life across the globe, to be sure.

The DOMAINS over which the SUN PRESIDES, astrologically are the areas of greatest vulnerability. As mentioned previously, one result is with regards to HEALTH - an eclipse can weaken the body for a period of up to 6 months, being especially problematic for those who already have health complaints or are in a weakened state of body for any reason. An eclipse exploits weakness and incites confrontation and conflict.

An eclipse has special significance for people in government, notably the AMERICAN PRESIDENT and those in his inner circle, but also heads of government around the world. Because the Sun presides over the "ruler" of any country, the eclipse signals a time of caution for those in power across the global community. This means concern for the health and safety of these individuals as well as the success of their respective undertakings. By the way, beyond TRUMP'S vulnerability as Head of State, his personal horoscope further underscores that this is not a good time for him. In astrology, important themes are often echoed or restated in several ways as is the case here.

The LUNAR ECLIPSE of August 7 ushered us into this problematic period which has brought the current NORTH KOREAN situation, and the tensions there will continue to mount. Existing problems on the world stage will be further aggravated; this is the nature of eclipses.

Important to remember that an eclipse brings affects that do not necessarily appear immediately, but develop over the subsequent months. There is also the concern for NATURAL DISASTERS around and after the eclipse: climate related issues, earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, fire, etc. as well as the possibility for accidents. The solar eclipse brings with it the possibility for any of these events for 3-6 months (and even longer), but it does not say that it has to happen.

As I've said during troublesome periods in the past - it serves no purpose to become overly concerned about things out of our control. It is a CAUTIONARY PERIOD so we take precautions and then continue living out our days in a natural way. Ultimately, God's will prevails; our part is to remain mindful.

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Upcoming Solar Eclipse on August 21

Chakrapani Ullal - Saturday, August 05, 2017

The coming SOLAR ECLIPSE of August 21st has great significance to the American government as well as its leaders.

As you may know, SUN represents the king or ruler, so a solar eclipse results in a condition where the ruling elite are impacted. An eclipse affects both the health of the ruler and his/her adjuncts as well as the health, vitality and viability of their projects and programs. This effect is strongest at the time of the eclipse, but continues for at least 3 months thereafter, maybe as long as 6 months. As you might imagine, this suggests a problematic period for TRUMP going forward.

A solar eclipse is created when the moon travels in front of the sun resulting in a period where it is fully blocking the sun's light. The upcoming eclipse is the FIRST SOLAR ECLIPSE in roughly 40 YEARS, occurring directly over NORTH AMERICA from beginning to end, resulting in a 70 mile wide ribbon from coast to coast where a total eclipse will be visible. A partial eclipse may be seen from anywhere in North America.

The eclipse, essentially created by the MOON blocking the SUN thus creates a shadow on the EARTH. It will proceed on its path coast to coast over a period of about an hour and a half resulting in an eclipse that one can view overhead of approximately 2 and half minutes. The visual effect will vary depending on surrounding topography.

The August 21st eclipse will start in Oregon (10:20 am PST), and culminate in South Carolina at (2:40 pm EDT).

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Upcoming Lunar and Solar Eclipse

Chakrapani Ullal - Thursday, August 03, 2017

Many people don't realize that an ECLIPSE refers to a period of time that the energy from any given luminary is obstructed. An eclipse of the SUN or the MOON, considered the life-giving planets, is a most inauspicious period. During either a SOLAR or LUNAR eclipse, these planets' critical energy is blocked and there is an increase in the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This has adverse health effects, especially on those of weak constitution or whomever may already be suffering from some health complaint. Depending on the birth chart, some people are more vulnerable to these transits than others.

Generally speaking, an eclipse adversely affects the health and vitality of any new undertaking, so we try to avoid starting something significant during the period of an eclipse. Depending on the particulars, the effects of an eclipse lasts between one to three months, with the most intense effects immediately surrounding the actual eclipse date. The upcoming LUNAR ECLIPSE on August 7 is something to keep in mind as you plan your daily affairs, but it is not a singularly noteworthy event. However, the SOLAR ECLIPSE of August 21 is of considerable importance and may have a significant impact on earthly phenomena.

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Rahu, the Election and Recent Events

Chakrapani Ullal - Friday, October 14, 2016

Rahu reared its head in an impressive show of force this past weekend, perhaps even exceeding expectations for its raw power and ability to bring upset and dramatics. If nothing else, it was a potent reminder of Rahu's strength; it can be deadly. read more

New Problems - New Opportunities

Chakrapani Ullal - Thursday, September 22, 2016

As we all know, these recent months with the Mars/Saturn transit have been a challenging period; we're still celebrating its completion and our survival! We're also mindful that the game-changing nature of this period has altered the landscape of our lives. It requires ongoing adjustments to determine, (each person for him/herself) what, or how much we can accept as the new normal.  read more

The End of Mars/Saturn

Chakrapani Ullal - Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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